Stabiliser BS is Barium Stearate and is used for stabilising PVC in combination with Cadmium Stearate or Lead Stabilisers.

Appearances : Fine White Powder
Ash Content : 20 - 25%
FFA Content : 0.5% max.
Moisture : 2% max.
Specific Gravity : 1.21 (2:1 Ba/Cd)  /  1.18 (4:1 Ba/Cd)
Partcle Size : 98% passing through 200 mesh.
Melting Point : 160 - 170 oC


Barium Stearate is an excellent lubricant cum heat stabiliser for PVC. Unlike Zinc or Cadmium Stearate, it's chloride does not precipitate further polymer degradation. In fact, it's usage with other stabilisers including Cadmium Stearate produces synergistically enhanced stability.

Barium Stearate is never used alone as it can not impact the necessary heat stability on it's own. However, in combination with other stearates, it gives synergistic effect and can be used for rigid as well as flexible formulations. With Cadmium Stearate, it gives excellent heat stability and transparency without Sulphur staining. However, in combination with Lead stabilisers, it gives added stability though the product are not transparent. It is also used in combination with epoxidised vegetable oil and phosphite chelatiser.

Usage: 0.8 - 2.5 parts in 100 parts of resin are useful in certain processes but it can go up in other processes.
Packing: 25 kgs. net in laminated HDPE bags with inner liner with Navy Blue branding.