Dibasic Lead Phthalate is an excellent heat stabiliser, particularly at high temperatures, besides also being effective as a light stabiliser. Dibasic Lead Phthalate (DBLPh) is produced and supplied as a fine white powder. With a lead content (PbO) of 83.5% it confers excellent long term protection on phthalate plasticized PVC compounds which are subject to ageing at elevated temperatures, due to its low reactivity with plasticizers, particularly the polyester type. This is of particular advantage in cable sheathing. Balasore Chemicals product is treated with special organic coating to ensure ready dispersion in PVC. It has a high refractive index which imparts a higher opacity than other basic lead compounds.



Dibasic Lead Phthalate has excellent thermal stability, light stability (UV radiation), dispersion, excellent electrical properties such as volume resistivity, dielectric strength, electric insulation, etc.

Its primary application is as heat stabiliser in the preparation of PVC compounds. PVC compounds stabilised with DBLPh show maximum retention of their physical properties when aged for prolonged periods. Additionally, cable coverings incorporating DBLPh provide the maximum practical insulation resistance both immediately after compounding and during the subsequent life of the cable. Consequently cables covered with a DBLPh stabilised PVC compound are used in the manufacture of electric blankets, television sets, under floor heating and general thermal insulation.

It is suitable for use with all types of pigmented PVC compounds and also finds application as a "Stabiliser-Kicker" in preparation of foamed PVC. It is effective in both rigid and flexible formulations for mouldings, extrusions and calendered products such as cable sheathing, rainwater fittings and window frame profiles. It is very effective when used in conjunction with Tribasic Lead Sulphate.


Appearance : soft creamy White powder
Molecular Weight : 818
Residue on 63 micron, IS sieve (% max) : 1.00
Bulk density, tapped (g/ml) : 0.8 - 1.0 gm/cc
Moisture :  1% Max
Specific Gravity : 4.1 - 4.5
Lead as PbO :  80%



 50 kgs. net laminated HDPE bags with inner liner with Navy Blue branding.