Use of a single stabiliser that replaces all conventional stabilisers like TBLS, DBLS, LS, CS, DBLP, etc. is increasing rapidly causing need for one-packs. Several one packs have evolved which cater to individual needs. One pack stabiliser KB - 2030 works on all machines and is most suitable for pipes that have to be tested / ISI / ASTM. It works excellently for fillers upto 15 - 20 phr. It is manufactured in our ultra-modern plant under strict quality control to maintain consistency. Easier handling of one packs is becoming the biggest reason for their popularity. And KB - 2030 is the best amongst all.


Type : Basic Lead Complex
Grade : KB-2030
Nature : Fine Soft Powder
Colour : White/Slightly off White
Residue on 250 mesh % : 0.5 - 0.2
Lead Oxide Equivalent % (2030) : Approx 51% +/- 2%
Lead Oxide Equivalent % (2032) : Approx 40% +/- 2%
Moisture Content % Max. : 0.5
Water Soluble Matter % Max. : 0.2
Sabilisation : Excellent
Lubrication : Standards
Dispersion in PVC : Excellent


KB-2030 can be used on all machines, whether single screw or twin screw. It replaces the age old conventional stabilisers with ease and suitable for PVC pipes for both, pressure and non-pressure applications. Marked reduction is obtained in industrial health hazards, handling, time wastage, spillage, inventory, contamination, weighing mistakes, resultant production loss, etc. Lower dosages of KB - 2030 are sufficient to achieve the same levels of stability of individual conventional stabilisers owing to its better efficiency. KB - 2030 reduces the requirement of lubricants as well since it also has some built-in lubrication.


For twin screw extruders and for filler loading upto 15 to 20 phr, just 1.7 to 2.1 phr of KB - 2030 will give pipes passing all tests like Impact, Reversion, Hydrostatic, Tensile, etc. Suitable doses of lubricants Stearic Acid and Wax have to be added to complete the formulation. For high to very high filler loadings or single screw extruders, dosages of KB - 2030 should be suitably altered or better still, grade 2032 should be used.


50 Kgs. net in laminated HDPE bags with inner liner with Navy Blue branding.


For details of various individual grades manufactured by us, kindly contact at : Tailor made Custom designing and matching against any standard grades can be done.