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CSR & Environments

• BALASORE CHEMICALS is driven by its core team leaders that motivate its powerful industry presence. The team leaders vision has a 360 degree perspective.
• Within the company, there exists a working structure with constant two-way communication between the team and it’s leaders – the team works as a close-knit family.
• It is committed to the empowerment and all-embracing growth of its employees and their satisfaction.
• Balasore Chemicals is conscientious towards its responsibility of Occupational Health & Safety of its employees. There are specifically distinct responsibilities for the employees as well as the company. This enables the company to create awareness and provide safe and healthy working environment.
• Balasore Chemicals also undertakes philanthropy and helps some very poor and needy people in their children’s education and other family financial troubles.

Balasore Chemicals occupies a respectable and a responsible position in the market of PVC processing.

Well aware of the importance of environmental sustainability, Balasore Chemicals addressed issues that relate to environment conservation. Consequently, it has satisfied a number of environmentally aware and conscious customers and people who insist on environment-friendly practices.

• The company has planted over ten types of fruit bearing trees and plants within the factory premises and a total of over Forty well-cared-for trees in all.
• The efficient and well-maintained plant and machinery allows judicious use of water and other resources. The company also has efficient wastewater management systems.
• Balasore Chemicals has successfully introduced effective manufacturing processes that help in reducing wastage of energy and resources.
• The company is committed to make contributions to environmental sustainability by introducing manufacturing improvisations.
• Installation of Solar Heating Equipments is also going to start soon to save on electricity.




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