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Aluminum Stearates               Calcium Stearates               Zinc Stearates

Stearates, or more specifically Metal Soaps, are used extensively in Paints, Inks, Coatings, cements & cement paints and other surface applications for their various properties like water repellence, gelling and Anti-setting effect, flatting effect, matt finish imparting effect,

Balasore Chemicals could provide several grades of Stearates in several different product forms such as fine powders, flakes, pastilles and granules. Metallic stearates can also be supplied in various forms such as their dry neat state, dispersed in water and alcohol, or formulated with surfactants that provide a wettable grade.


Lemon Chrome     Middle Chrome     Scarlet Chrome     Primrose Chrome

Anti Corrosives   -   Zinc Chrome,     Zinc Tetroxy Chromate

Lead Chromates. The color ranges from lemon yellow to orange yellow, usually classified into five standard types as lemon chrome yellow, light chrome yellow, medium chrome yellow, deep chrome yellow, chrome orange yellow. The pigments are high gloss, high brightness and possess excellent hiding power, mainly used for producing coatings, paints, inks, plastics, rubber, etc.



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