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  Polyethylene Wax and Hydro Carbon Wax

Polyethylene Wax (PE Wax) and Hydrocarbon Wax (HC Wax) represent the two ends of the lubricants spectrum PE Wax as the best and HC Wax as the cheapest.

Balasore Chemicals manufactures standard HC Wax as a cheap alternative to other waxes and also supplies PE Wax for consumers who are quality conscious and desire best results.

  Stearic Acid

Excellent External Lubricant for PVC extrusion and moulding.
Balasore Chemicals offers PVC grade Stearic Acid with good heat stability suitable for excellent synergy with Stabilisers and other lubricants.


For details of various individual grades manufactured by us, kindly contact at : info@balasorechemicals.com. Tailor made Custom designing and matching against any standard grades can be done.



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