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Wholly Non-Toxic , heavy metal free PVC heat Stabilizers based on Calcium and Zinc soaps are the current new entrants and present the potential of being the stabilizers of the future. Recent advances in Calcium Zinc One Packs have reduced their doses to nearly same as that of Lead based stabilizers. Incorporation of Unique Additives to the One Packs, in addition to metal carboxylates, enhances their stabilizing effects. They leave very low taste and odour.

Several grades of One Packs will be launched shortly for various application.

Three grades of Calcium-Zinc Stabilizers are currently manufactured.
ZC-3564 :
Recommended for Lead Free pressure and non-pressure PVC pipes.
ZC-1312 :
Recommended for cables with temperature rating upto 105OC.
ZC-1412 :
Economic grade recommended for Cable with temperature rating of 70



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