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Metal Soaps are compounds of long-chain fatty acids with metals of different valencies. The most important Metal Soaps, in terms of quantity, are based on Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminum.

Their melt point plays a deciding factor in the decision of which kind of product to use and where.

Stearates, in general, are thought of as a salt. This salt, or soap of a Stearic acid is formed by replacing the carboxylic hydrogen by a metal to yield a salt. The full set of characteristics found in the range of Metallic Stearates offered is a very versatile family of products, suitable to be employed in a wide variety of industrial uses.

Metallic Stearates can be supplied in various forms such as their dry neat powder state, pastilles, granules, dispersed in water and alcohol, and formulated with surfactants that provide a wettable grade.

Please note that Balasore Chemicals has the capacity to adapt to its customers' needs and manufacture according to individual specifications.

CALCIUM STEARATES White Powder 9-10.5% 2% Max. 145-160
ZINC STEARATES White Powder 12.5-15.5% 2% Max. 120-125
BARIUM STEARATES White Powder 26.5-28% 2% Max. 160-170
CADMIUM STEARATES White Powder 22-23.5% 2% Max. 102-160
ALUMINUM STEARATES (HIGH GEL) White Powder 10-12% 2% Max. 150-160
ALUMINUM STEARATES (NON GEL) White Powder 10-12% 2% Max. 120-145
SODIUM STEARATES White Powder 10-11% 2% Max. 200-210
LITHIUM STEARATES White Powder 12-13% 2% Max. 200-210
POTASSIUM STEARATES White Powder 14-15% 2% Max. 180-190
COPPER STEARATES Green Powder 11.5-14% 2% Max. 110-115


Plastic Generally as internal/external lubricants, processing aids covering thermoplastics and thermosetting resins
More specifically as:
Release agent in polyester DMC/SMC/BMC
Melt flow modifiers in master batches, colour compounding.
Part of stabiliser formulations for PVC and polyolefins
Processing aid in ABS resin
Acid Scavengers, Lubricants and Release agents
In colour master batch to improve pigment dispersion and enhance blending
Building and Construction As hydrophobic agents when added to cement
As release agents in decorative, printed concrete slabs and flooring
As water repellent in bitumen coatings
Foundry Industry As foundry core binder
Animal Feeds As additive to mineral mixtures (free access) fed directly to ruminants from trough. Prevents water uptake
Rubber As anti-tackifier in rubber industry to prevent rubber slabs from sticking together, Superb processing aid & lubricant, Mould Release agents
Pharmaceuticals As tableting and anti-caking aid, compactant, Mould Release / Slip agents / Anti-agglomerants
Powder Metallurgy As flow-aid in sintering
Wood Laquers As sanding aid
Wire Drawing Lubricants A range of products for specific applications in the wire drawing industry
Asphalt As Softening point & hardness modifier. Flow agent
Cable Filling As a Gelling agent & improved heat resistance
Color Concentrate For Improvement of pigment wettability and dispersion
Corrugated Board For Enhancement of surface for scuff & blocking resistance
Expanded PS Foams As Lubricant & blowing agent dispersant
Hot Melt Adhesive For Viscosity control & improved heat resistance
Hot Melt Road Marking For Viscosity reduction, processing benefits, heat resistance
Paints For Flatting, abrasion & scratch resistance, anti-blocking, Water repelling
Paper Coating For Adjustment of slip & hardness properties, Surface Coating Agents
Polish As a Gelling agent. Good scuff, slip & black mark resistances
Printing Ink For their Excellent rub resistance
Cosmetics As Lubricants / gelation
Lubricant As Thixotropic Agents for Greases
Other Application For abrasive discs, in fire extinguishing powders, insecticides and pest control products, Explosives, Defoamer Ingredient




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