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Equipped with an ultra modern quality control laboratory, Balasore Chemicals is right into the nucleus of proper research for routinely developing new products. To prove its mettle, in the span of 2004 to date, the company has brought out every year atleast four grades of one pack stabilisers to satisfy the changing demands of the customers and keep in line with the latest industry trends.

To keep ourselves updated with the latest innovations & technology turnarounds, and to give full satisfaction to the customers, we have appointed the best talents in the line of PVC processing (experienced plant operators and senior Production Managers of PVC Processing plants) as our full time consultants. They keep visiting our customers on a regular basis as technical service providers. Since they are experts, they not only give trials of our chemicals, but also try to solve many of the other technical (chemical, electrical, mechanical) problems faced by our regular buyers. Their feedbacks and technology related suggestions are valuable inputs for us towards developing new products

Being able to give tailor-made products to customers is proof of the technical strength of the company.




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