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  PVC Processing Aids

Processing Aids are used to enhance PVC processing based on high molecular weight methacrylate / acrylic polymers. They are fully compatible with PVC and provide high transparency. They will promote PVC fusion and homogeneity. Melt strength and elasticity can be fully monitored through the proper selection of the processing aid.

Nature of Product Characteristics
Acrylic Copolymer General Purpose / Fusion Promoter
Acrylic Copolymer High Molecular Weight for rigid foam
Acrylic Copolymer Lubricating processing aid / strong metal release.


  Impact Modifier

Impact Modifiers correspond to highly efficient, weatherable, core-shell acrylic impact modifiers for PVC. They may be employed in a whole range of formulations and processing operations to produce articles that require high impact performance. Impact modifiers are stable when exposed to UV radiation and may be used in any colour, opaque and translucent applications that require good colour and impact retention over time.

Product Name of Product Characteristics
Acrylic General Purpose / Fusion Promoter thin sheet extrusion, Mass PVC
Acrylic High Molecular Weight for rigid foam outstanding impact at high output rate / wide processing window


  Titanium Dioxide

Used as an efficient Opacifier due to their pigment properties and high tinting strength, it is used in practically every opaque plastics application. PVC piping systems are a large consumer of TiO2. Other major application areas of Titanium Dioxide are Paints, Master Batches, Rubber, Paper, Detergent, Cosmetics, Textiles, Printing Inks, Road Marking Paints, Welding Electrodes, Ceramics, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Available in two variants Anatase and Rutile and different grades of each variant, depending on the general application requirements.


  Green Plasticisers

Excellent replacement of Pthalate plasticizers is offered by Balasore Chemicals. Replacements are available for DOP, DBP, DEP, DOTP, DINP and TOTM.

Balflex 124

PV & PVC Copolymer / Primary Plasticizer

TOTM Substitute

Balflex 106 Non Pthalate Solvent for Perfumery, Nitrocellulose etc. DEP Substitute
Balfelx 97 Bioflexcizer for PVC & Rubber DBP Substitute
Balflex 79 Bioflexcizer for PVC & Rubber DOP, DOTP, DINP Substitute



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